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FOX61 Chief Investigator Brian Foley talks with a K2 overdose patient

NEW HAVEN - By mid-afternoon Friday, the deluge appeared to have stopped: New Haven did not see any K2 overdoses.

During the previous two days, first responders transported overdose victims 114 times.  But the problems on the historic New Haven Green won't go away that quickly.

A homeless man, who frequents the green, says that four to five ambulances a day responding to the green is not unusual. He says thankfully he’s not an addict because he has friends who are.

“When they see somebody falling out, they want to get that because that’s the good stuff, you know, and that’s sickening,” he said.

It's sickening for many, but for others it's a way of life - a desperate one for sure, but an everyday reality.

FOX61's Chief Investigator Brian J Foley spoke to a patient who overdosed on K2 this past week.

Like many, he comes to New Haven because of his addiction, to get methadone at the APT Foundation clinic.

The Green is where he and others catch the bus back and forth. He tells Brian just how he felt when he smoked the 'synthetic marijuana'. Their conversation sheds light on a problem that until now, has been hiding in plain sight.