August 2018 Above & Beyond Award: Andrew Dzierzgowski

Andrew Dzierzgowski

Police Officer

Windsor, CT


Nominated by Erin Simison :

“Andy started out as a K9 handler who lost his K9 partner Chase in 2012. Andy enjoyed doing community events for the schools and Girl Scouts with Chase prior to his death. After Chase died, Andy picked himself up and decided it was his time to rise in the ranks at Windsor Locks Police Department. Andy took her Sergeants test and moved up to the rank of sergeant. Andy was on midnight shifts but yet he still made an effort to always be at his family and children’s events. Andy continued to work hard to the K9 department doing events where he was now the officer being tackled by the K9’s. Andy decided he wanted to continue growing at Windsor Locks Police Department so he was promoted again to the rank of Detective Sergeant. Although this took Andy off the road, he still loves to be present at community events like ‘stuff a cruiser’ at Christmas. Andy found a passion for educating the public on the opioid drug addiction problem the nation and the town he works in is facing. Andy leads talks at the local high school as well as has open forums for parents to attend and members of the community so he can keep them all informed. Andy is passionate about protecting his community and is eager to continue to save lives one day at a time. When a tragedy happens, such as the pedestrian stuck by a car recently on RT 75, Andy will spend the extra time talking with the families of the involved parties, families of the victims, to make sure no question is unanswered. He makes sure that he can bring comfort when and where he can. Through his long career in law enforcement he has not lost his compassion for people. I nominate my strong husband, Detective Sergeant Andrew Dzierzgowski of the Windsor Locks Police Department.”

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