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Farmington police investigating early morning burglary; May have ties to Newington crime

FARMINGTON --"It was about 3 o’clock in the morning, and I heard a big bang outside," said Kevin Guenthner who lives across the street from the Mobil Mart on Main Street in Farmington.

Guenthner said he visits the Mobil Mart a few times a week, and hears loading trucks coming in and out of the parking lot at night.

"There’s guys that usually come and load their trucks here," said Guenthner . "I didn’t think anything of it."

But it turns out, that bang her heard, was a group of thieves Farmington police say broke into the store early Thursday morning. Security footage showed the thieves attaching something to the front door from the car, and then driving away from the storefront, yanking the door wide open.

"It’s happened before many times," said Scott Soucey, who has owned this gas station for 25 years. "It’s emotional, you think about it, it’s your home, your business."

This latest burglary, now the roughly twelfth time Soucey's shop has been broken into over the years. This time, the thieves taking just ten packs of cigarettes, but the front door will need to be replaced, which he said will cost upwards of 3,000 to 5,000 dollars.

Meanwhile, a few towns over, another burglary unfolded at Food Land in Newington.

"Shortly after ours in Newington, it also happened, same situation, there was a break-in," said Soucey after speaking with Farmington police.

It was around 4 am when the owner of Food Land says more than 2,000 dollars worth of merchandise was stolen from his store, and that is not including the cost of his door, which will also need to be replaced.

"We have a good footage of it," said Soucey. "Hopefully the police can catch them."

Police in Newington and Farmington are now investigated to see if the two incidents are connected. Police are urging anyone who may have any information to give them a call.