Bristol and New Britain Police Departments play football for a cause

BRISTOL -- Julia Gallup found a lump under her chest at the beginning of May and doctor's told her if she wanted to live, she needed to start treatment right away.

“It affects everything; kids, home life, everything,” said Ken Gallup, Julia’s husband.

“It has been very difficult,” said Julia. “It's easy for us to sit at home and said why me and why is this happening and all these women and things aren't fair and that's the mindset needs to be it happened to me and I'm gonna get through this.”

The strength and determination to fight is in her nature.

She is the second female lieutenant in the history of the New Britain Police Department.

“She's a mother of two. She's a 20 year veteran. So you know she's more so a friend,” said New Britain Police Captain, Ben Murphy.

That's why the New Britain and Bristol Police Departments have come together to raise money for the Gallup Family Foundation, which helps to pay for Julia's treatments.

They played a flag football game at Veteran's Memorial Stadium Saturday afternoon. Every officer paid $20 to participate and members of each of the communities filled the stands. Officials estimated they raised nearly $8,000 through sales of pins, baked goods, entry fees, and ticket sales.

Both police departments play a special role in the Gallup family's life.

Gallup's husband is a lieutenant in the Bristol Police Department and they've been together for 19 years. So, while out on the field it's a competition between Bristol and New Britain, they're all playing for the same cause.

“She's the first one to reach out if somebody's sick or injured,” said Captain Murphy. “We wanted to do something to show a little support for her, but financial as well.”

Gallup said fighting cancer puts life into perspective and knows it's a mental fight just as much as it is a physical one.

“I know it's very important to have that positive mind and I come to work when I can,” she said. “I stay positive for my friends, my family, my children. It's really important to keep going and moving forward. It does take energy, but you have to fight through it.”

“I don't know of a stronger person, male or female,” said her husband, Ken. “Very proud.”

Next month Julia has her last strong chemotherapy treatment before she begins surgery. She said she will have many treatments through next year.

For now, she's focusing on family, friends, and football.

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