Waterbury street brawl caught on video leads to three arrests

WATERBURY --  A brawl in the street was caught on camera and the video has gone viral.

It turned out the teens who were taking the beating in the video are the ones facing serious criminal charges.

It happened around 7 a.m. when kids were being dropped off at Jonathan Reed Elementary School. Police and witnesses said a stolen BMW sped through traffic and crashed on North Main Street.

A man pulled the passenger of the BMW from the car and punched him in the face while another man pulled the driver out and punched him nonstop.

A police officer then rushed to stop the brawl and held down one of the teens on the ground. The man continued to go around the officer and appeared to kick the teen again.

The teens were both 15-years-old and the man who was seen kicking the teen has been identified as 29-year-old Angel Vasquez who was later charged with breach of peace.

Gina Smith, a longtime Waterbury resident said she sees teens driving stolen cars all the time.

"We’re talking about a BMW here. I mean, that’s expensive. You can’t take people’s expensive cars and they worked hard for it and then just total it up - they can’t do that," said Smith.

"You know kids stealing cars around here poses a threat to the community especially, the cops shouldn’t be chasing them anyway but as you see, you see he potential, the danger in the neighborhood with the stolen cars," said Tyish Smith of Waterbury.

Another longtime resident, David Boyle said he also watched the entire video and said this raises a concern of keeping teens in school and out of trouble.

"It's been happening, it’s just never stopped. A lot of people keep saying it’s getting worse, it’s getting worse no, it’s been the same. I don’t know if people realize it but it’s been this way forever," said Boyle.

One person was brought to St. Mary's Hospital. The teens have been detained for questioning and Vasquez has been charged with second degree breach of peace.

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