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Blumenthal says ‘sparks will fly’ for Supreme Court nomination battle

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NEWTOWN - A battle is about to begin in Washington that will shape the future of important legal decisions across the nation.

The confirmation hearing for judge Brett Kavanaugh is set to begin Tuesday. FOX61caught up with Connecticut’s two senators who both say they have deep concerns.

Walking the Labor Day parade route in Newtown, Senators Richard Blumenthal and Chris Murphy waved to the crowd and sweated under the summer heat. Tuesday in Washington it will be a different kind of heat - as Judge Brett Kavanaugh takes the hot seat for day one of what’s expected to be a 4-day hearing. His controversial nomination has made him a target for Democrats, who have practiced peppering him with questions on abortion, gun violence, executive power and everything in between. Kavanaugh and top Republicans have also been rehearsing their answers in a hearing that’s not expected to lack political theater.

"People here in Connecticut want a mainstream justice. I think we are going to be listening for whether he is going to be to the far right of the court or whether he is going to be in the middle of the court," said Sen. Chris Murphy.Sen. Richard Blumenthal said, "This nominee could be the critical swing vote. I’m going to be asking tough questions. Sparks are going to fly. I hope we’ll have some clear answers as a result."

Kavanaugh has Connecticut ties. He’s a graduate of Yale Law School. If confirmed he will be the 4th Yale Law School graduate on the Supreme Court.

Kavanaugh’s nomination is especially crucial for several reasons. It’s Anthony Kennedy’s seat and he was the key swing vote on many issues. He’s also on record saying presidents shouldn’t be questioned while in office.

That may be an important topic because if the probe into Russian interference in the election. There’s also a concern from Democrats who say Republicans have withheld key documents about his policy decision during his time in the George W. Bush White House.

Each Senator on the judiciary committee gets 30 minutes during the first round to ask Kavanaugh questions and Senator Blumenthal is one of those members. I asked both Senators if there’s anything that Kavanaugh could say to sway them to a yes vote.

Senator Blumenthal said wants to hear what Kavanaugh has to say, Senator Murphy said he knows about Kavanaugh to know he will not be voting for him.

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