Schools in Bristol dismissed early for third day due to heat

BRISTOL — Bristol Public Schools were dismissed early on the third day of school because of the heat. Not all of the district’s classrooms have air condition.

“It was nice coming from a three day weekend, get out early,” said Brandon Gregger, a senior at Bristol Eastern High School.

While some students enjoyed getting out of school early, they were still concerned about why their school doesn’t have air condition.

There was no recess, and after school outdoor activities were cancelled.

Dr Susan Moreau the Superintendent of Bristol public schools said many of the schools are too old to have air conditioning, and it would cost around $3.5 million to invest in air conditioning. She added with a heat index of 95 degrees it was important for students to get out early since not all the classrooms in the district are air conditioned.

“You think about the heat more than you think about the class work, so it’s really a waste of time for them to be in there if they’re not going to be doing anything,” said Michael Leszko, a grandparent or a Bristol student.