Griebel, Lamont spark in first gubernatorial debate

WEST HARTFORD – Two of Connecticut’s potential governors met inside St. joseph’s University Wednesday night for a gubernatorial debate.

Republican candidate Bob Stefanowski wasn’t one of them.

Democratic candidate Ned Lamont and Independent candidate Oz Griebel took the stage to have an hour-long discussion on the issues.

“Oz is ready to talk,” said Lamont. “We had a substantive discussion on the real issues confronting the state of Connecticut. And if Bob is ready to lead he should have been here.”

Members of Stefanowski’s team said the candidate had a prior engagement that he could not miss. The debate focused on several key issues with the state’s income tax being one of them.

Bob Stefanowski claims he would get rid of the tax altogether. It’s a stance Griebel and Lamont disagree with.

“This is a policy, elimination of the income tax that I just read in the paper, they called it Lala land. It’s just not real. It’s not feasible,” said Lamont

Libertarian candidate Rod Hanscomb was just put on the ticket as of Wednesday however he couldn’t make it to the debate. He said he wasn’t given enough notice about his eligibility for the office.

There will be at least five more debates, all of which Stefanowski said he’ll be a part of.

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