UConn department head resigns after violating travel compensation policies

STORRS — The head of the School of Business Operations and Information Management at the University of Connecticut resigned after violations of the schools policy on business travel and comp time policies came to light after an audit.

Ram Gopal resigned while the school was in the process of terminating his employment according to officials. “The audit found that the department head violated existing UConn policies; this misconduct was not due to a lack of applicable policies. His resignation is listed in university files as reflecting that he left ‘not in good standing,'” said Stephie Reitz, university spokesperson.

According to Reitz, “Gopal’s salary at the time of his resignation was $320,306, and he also was paid an average of $60,000 to $65,000 annually over the last two fiscal years in stipends for research and other duties (total of $115,561 over the two years).”

An anonymous tip lead the school to review the travel records and time sheets for Gopal and an administrative assistant, Melissa Burk. The audit uncovered discrepancies in reimbursement for travel expenses for overseas trips in addition to misuse of overtime. Burk is still employed by the university and the matter has been referred to human resources.

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