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NEWINGTON -- Along with Connecticut Red Cross volunteers and Americares workers, another faction on the frontlines in the help for Hurricane Florence are amateur radio operators.

Newington is home to the ARRL, American Radio Relay League, and the staff there is strategizing for Hurricane Florence. Already, ARRL workers have sent Ham Aid Communication Kits to both South Carolina and Virginia.

Once in place, volunteer ham radio operators will be able to set up lines of communication where cell service and land lines have been knocked out.

"We like to say amateur radio was social networking before there was social networking," said Dave Isgur, the communications manager at the ARRL.

Mike Corey, the emergency preparedness manager at the ARRL said he expects a busy week for ham radio operators, but it is vital work.

"Whether you assist with radio communications, feeding or sheltering," Corey said, "to be able to give back when others are in need, there is no greater feeling in the world."

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