Meriden man charged with manslaughter after a 2016 drug related death

MERIDEN — Meriden Police say they’ve arrested 26-year-old William Roberts in connection with a death in 2016.

Police say in September, 2016, they were called to a home on Allen Avenue. There, a 24-year-old man was found dead. He was identified as Alex Comforte, and the death was initially ruled as ‘untimely’.

But, police say through multiple interviews, analysis of phone records, and a collaborating effort with the Medical Examiner’s office — they were able to collect enough evidence over the nearly 2 year period to build a criminal case.

On September 9th, William Roberts was charged with second degree man slaughter, and sale of a controlled substance (3 counts) in connection to the death of Comforte.

Police say that Roberts sold the drugs to Comforte, which caused Comforte’s death.