Red Cross volunteer from Milford helping Florence victims

HARTFORD - As Hurricane Florence was downgraded to a tropical storm, the extent of the damage left behind is becoming more apparent.

Resources and volunteers are now being deployed to help with recovery efforts in the Carolinas.

The Red Cross has sent volunteers to help those impacted by the storm. Laurie Robinson of Milford lived through superstorm Sandy. Sandy destroyed her home when the storm barreled through Connecticut in 2012. She says living through that moment has helped her connect with people she meets while she is volunteering.

"I was involved personally in superstorm Sandy so I feel empathy for them knowing what is ahead in the recovery," said Robinson. "Of course it makes me feel sad but my heart is full being able to help, and help them recover."

Robinson is a current Red Cross Emergency Response Driver. She will be driving through the Carolinas passing out water, and food to those in need following Florence. Robinson say there is no timetable for her return, and she will stay as long as she is needed.