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City of Hartford looking to end illegal trash dumping

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HARTFORD -- It’s become a real problem in the Hartford where trash has been illegally dumped on the city streets.

Recently, a suspect from East Hartford  was caught red-handed as he illegally dumps old mattresses onto a curb on South Marshall Street.

The suspect was identified by the Hartford Police Department after they got a tip from a citizen and surveillance video from a neighbor.

“You know this all started from a citizen complaint," Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin said. "They saw this truck coming over to the side the road and dumping a whole bunch of mattresses. That person did exactly the right thing, they called the Hartford Police Department."

Bronin added, "the police officer followed up quickly, and was able to actually identify the truck, and make a stop. I hope this sends a strong message. We want citizens to share information when they see people illegally dumping in our city, because we are going to be aggressive and going after it every time.”

Recently, in the city, this has become a large problem. Hartford City Hall has recognized the problem and said they are working to clean it up.

“When somebody dumps this kind of trash on our city it’s a huge cost and it’s a huge burden our DPW," Bronin said. "Guys have to go out and pick it up, we have to devote manpower, we have to devote time, we have to devote a vehicle to cleaning it up. And for as long as it sits out there, it looks terrible.”

Assistant Superintendent of Department of Public Works, Vern Matthews, said he’s become all too familiar with the problem and its costs.

“Very costly, to the city. We are paying about $80 a ton to get rid of this bulky. And previously we would go out maybe twice a week, to pick up illegal bulk throughout the city, that could be tires, that could be just general bulk, but now we are out there five days a week picking up bulky items across the city in certain areas. What I want people to know is if you see something please say something.”

Hartford DPW estimates that 90  percent of the bulky pick-up illegally dumped in Hartford, comes from outside the city. The city reminds residents that regular bulky pick up can be arranged by call 860-757-4955 or 860-757-9983.

All illegally dumped items should be reported to the City’s 311 System.

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