Connecticut governor contenders clash over tolls and taxes

NEW HAVEN — Democratic gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont says he wants to impose tolls on just tractor trailers, but his Republican opponent claims that would lead to even more tolls down the road for Connecticut.

Bob Stefanowski on Monday said "of course he's going to put tolls back on the roads," calling it unrealistic to think tolls would be limited to those trucks.

The two major party contenders are facing off in their second head-to-head debate. Monday's hour-long match-up is being sponsored by the Connecticut Association of Realtors. Several independent candidates were not invited to participate.

As in their first meeting, the two candidates are clashing over taxes. Stefanowski has called for phasing out the personal income tax over eight years, a move Lamont calls "a false promise" that will decimate education.

***Associated Press contributed to this report***