Convoy of Caring recognizes all those who helped donate millions of meals

ROCKY HILL — Thousands of people in Connecticut face food insecurity each year. Food insecurity means they do not have reliable access to affordable, nutritious food.

The 16th annual Connecticut Food Industry Convoy of Caring on Monday recognized all those who come together to donate millions of pounds food each year to help those who suffer from food insecurity, and others who need assistance.

“You’ll see all the trucks lining up for the convoy. It’s a great way to thank all the places that have helped us,” CT Food Bank chairman Wes Higgins said.

Stocked with thousands of pounds of food year round, food banks in Connecticut work to curb hunger in communities throughout the state.

“In Hartford and Tolland Counties alone, there are 120 thousand people who are food insecure. Here richest state in the union, we find that completely unacceptable,” Foodshare CT President and CEO Jason Jakubowski said.

More than 50 percent of the food distributed comes directly from local Connecticut food industry retailers, distributors, farmers, and manufacturers.

Food banks  work with local organizations to help give them to communities through programs.