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Coyotes spotted at Groton golf course

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GROTON --  The Shennecossett Golf course in Groton has new visitors roaming the greens - coyotes.

Staff and golfers have reported numerous sightings and the coyotes are already causing some issues.

“Some of the golfers are starting to complain a little bit saying 'hey what are you going to do about this?',” said Eric Morrison, the golf course superintendent.

“They are doing some damage to the course unfortunately,” said Frank Villazante, a golfer from Mystic.

Morrison said the issue is the coyotes are digging holes in one of the greens.

“The first couple of nights we’ve patched the hole with turf. And then they’ve dug up the same hole. The following night we patched up the hole again. They have been digging pretty much every night,” said Morrison.

Staff had tried scaring them away with the carts, and even tried a more unusual method.

“I've sprinkled cayenne pepper on the whole, that worked a couple of times. Then they dug right through it again,” said Morrison.

Unfortunately, their methods have not been successful.

The staff said luckily the coyotes stay a safe distance from the golfers, and in the meantime, they will do their best to keep them off the green.

“We obviously don't want to do anything to deter wildlife, so we are really going to try to find a way to coexist with them if we can,” said Morrison.

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