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September 2018 Above & Beyond Award: Jacob Miceli

Jacob Miceli

UConn Fire Department


Nominated by Alyssa Baker:

“I want to nominate Jake because he is a phenomenal firefighter and EMT.  Jake puts his whole heart into his career.  Jake started in the fire industry as a volunteer during high school and fell in love with the job.  After graduating he put himself through an accelerated EMT program and the CFA recruit school program.  Shortly after finishing both, he got hired at the UConn Fire Department where he currently works as a Firefighter.  At UConn, he goes above and beyond the call of duty by doing extra projects for the chief of the fire department to ensure that the department’s needs are met and to help ensure a quality service . Jake has also been an active volunteer in  Vernon, CT.  He has been a lieutenant for an engine company and was re-elected every term unanimously by his crew because he is so knowledgeable and easy to get along with.  Everyone who knows him, knows that he truly loves his job.  Jake loves helping people.  Jake also works on the ambulance at UConn and often loses out on sleep because his shifts are so long and he frequently doesn’t get any sleep because there are so many calls.  When he comes home in the morning from a sleepless night shift, he never complains.  Jake just takes a quick nap and then continues his life at home with me, his fiancé, making sure that I have everything I need.  Jake puts everyone else before himself and is a selfless person.  Aside from being the love of my life, he is one of the kindest, hardworking, and compassionate people I have ever met.  Jake also teaches EMS classes.  He wants to teach people of all ages how to be a first responder.  He takes fire and EMS classes every year to further his knowledge base in the firefighting field. He is so incredibly dedicated not only to his job but to his family as well.  If anyone deserves this recognition, it’s Jake Miceli. Jacob Miceli is the epitome of a first responder hero.  He is and forever will be, my hero.”

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