National Public Lands Day brings up Connecticut ballot question on state parks

COLLINSVILLE -- Question number two on the November ballot deals with the state General Assembly's right to sell or give away public land.

It’s an issue that Eric Hammerling is bringing public awareness to on National Public Land day.

"Well one thing voters don’t know is that every year the General Assembly has a bill that they use to sell, swap ,and give away public lands," said Hammerling, the Executive Director of the CT Forest & Park Association.

A yes vote would give the public a chance to weigh in.

"[W]hat is on the ballot with question number two is to ensure the public always has the ability to have a public hearing before lands could be sold swapped or given away," said Hammerling.

People who use the public land for recreation don't always know that the state has the power to give it away without any input.

"I feel like if it’s affecting our space that we love to enjoy every day that we should be able to have a decision what happens with it," said Canton resident Heather Neeley.

This constitutional change doesn’t mean that the state can’t sell public land. It just means they can’t sell it without you knowing about it first.

State parks, forests, and agricultural lands would be subject to a two-thirds majority vote rather than a simple majority.

Election day is November 6.