The Stan Simpson Show – Smart Justice and Savings tips for college

Over the last decade, CT’s prison population has decreased 30 percent – from 19,800 in 2008 to 13,500 in 2018.
Prison reform efforts under Gov. Malloy and a Second Chance culture have contributed to the decline.
The CT ACLU wants to keep that momentum going. It is pushing for a 50 percent decrease in the prison population - and an end to the racial disparities among inmates.
African Americans and Latinos make up 75% of CT’s prison population. Yet, they only comprise 25% of the state’s population. It is one of the widest prison racial disparities in the country.

Anderson Curtis and Gus Marks-Hamilton from the ACLU’s “Smart Justice” campaign discuss the issue.

Mark Commune, from KeyBank, provides savings tips for college students and their families.

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