Higher Education: Copters come to the UConn Campus

STORRS -- A memorable sight on the UConn Campus - two Sikorsky Helicopters landing by the Student Union quad.

The high tech helicopters came to UConn as part of the first ever "Lockheed Martin Day", a way to engage engineering students to pursue internships and careers in engineering fields.

While the helicopters were available for all to see on campus, inside the student union building, students were able to talk with Lockheed employees, see a flight simulator, and take part in educational seminars.

Michael Accorsi, the senior associate dean of the UConn School of Engineering said, "many companies that do engineering in the state need engineering talent and that's really what today is all about."

11 UConn students were selected (by a random draw) to take a short flight in the S-76 Helicopter.

Susmitha Rayakota, an senior majoring in engineering said, "It's just so tangible to see these two helicopters here, it really puts a lot into perspective and being able to say, that's what I want to do in the future."