Wild Bills Nostalgia Center rides off into the sunset

MIDDLETOWN — The world is a little less colorful Sunday night. Wild Bills Nostalgia Center has closed it’s doors for good.

After a going out of business sale that lasted several weeks, the store filled with all sorts of unique treasures sold its last trinket on Sunday. The store had been a fixture on Newfield Street for decades.

According to a Facebook post, The owners had been opening “The infamous trailers that Wild Bill has been stocking and hoarding from the last 40 years. So far, we have found mounds of old clothes, some collections of CD’s, vinyl, books and old carnival pieces. Also found a lot of glassware and toys and magazines.”

According to the Middletown Press, William “Wild Bill” Ziegler died last year at his home in Middlefield. He was 70 years-old.

Ziegler opened his store on Main Street in Middletown 34 years ago before moving it to Newfield Street in 1996.