New Haven café combines coffee, cats and community

NEW HAVEN -- If that daily cup of coffee isn't providing the pick me up you're looking for, there is a new way to get your caffeine fix in New Haven and it involves felines.

Opened only for a few weeks, "Mew Haven Cat Café" is billed as Connecticut's first cat café where the traditional coffee shop setting adds the added benefits of having cats to play with.

Mew Haven acts as a shelter for the cats, many of whom gets adopted by loyal patrons.

"It's fantastic, we've had 15 adoptions so far," said Angela Pullo, who owns Mew Haven with her husband Michael.

Guests pay $12 per hour to cozy up with the cats -- the coffee house is in a separate area.

The cats come from nearby Animal Haven, a no-kill shelter in North Haven. .

Jen Hichar, from New Haven, who was making her first visit to the café said, "I'm a huge cat lover so just to be able to hang out with some cats for an hour is really fun."

Pullo added, "there's something about being around animals that allows us to relax and step away from all the pressures of the human world."

Mew Haven is opened Tuesday through Sunday. To find out more, click here.