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Departments across the state celebrate ‘Coffee with a Cop’ day!

Today is national coffee with a cop day!

"I usually don't have a donut, but today I did," said Rick Soto, Deputy Chief of the East Hartford Police Department.

Wednesday was a special occasion to splurge in East Hartford, and all across the country.

"Today's event is National Coffee with a Cop day. Periodically we do coffee with a cop where the main message is just to get out to the community to talk to the community, and to let them know what the police department is doing," said Mack Hawkins, Deputy Chief of the East Hartford Police Department, "We want to hear from them, to hear their side."

The event is free and open to the public, encouraging folks to come out to get to know the men and women in blue.

"I come to all the coffee with the cops every time they have them," said Edward Dufour of East Hartford.

The East Hartford Police Department believes events like this are crucial to improving the bond between law enforcement and civilians.

"It's important because I think a lot of people do not understand what police departments do, and what they are responsible, and how they can help you," said Len Oberg of East Hartford.

The national event happens on the first Wednesday of every October, and some police departments, like East Hartford, do other events additionally throughout the year.

"We are regular people, we wear a uniform, we are trying to do a job, we are trying to serve the community, we are here to help, and people should not be afraid of us," said Soto, "We are here to serve the community, and serve the public."

"I think it is very important that people understand that these folks are just like you and I," said Oberg, "They're here to help us, and they do an awful lot of good for this town."

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