Families bothered by damaged cemetery in Bridgeport

A cemetery littered with human cone fragments and casket pieces.

Police say that’s the case at a Bridgeport cemetery and it has families from all over the state heartbroken.

Friday, Darlene Christiansen, a resident form Bridgeport, was looking for her grandparents final resting place at Park Cemetery.

“I’ve been looking for almost 2 hours trying to find my grandparents and I couldn’t find them,” said Christiansen.

Christiansen rushed to the cemetery after seeing disturbing pictures of dug up and then covered up graves. After circling the cemetery several times she found their gravestone, but not in the condition she wanted to.

“My grandma and grandfather’s tombstone is knocked over and it’s way up near someone else. So now I don’t know where they are or where their heads are, and this got me really upset,” said Christiansen.

Christiansen is just one of many people who are questioning practices at Park Cemetery.

“They’re saying that family member’s grave sites are being dug up. I don’t know what to expect. I knew that my mom is buried here and I wanted to make sure she was good,” said Daisy Mikula, of New London.

“I’m worried because I don’t know what’s going on and I would prefer to take my family members out of here and put them somewhere else,” said Maritza Ruiz, of Shelton.

Bridgeport police have been alerted about the complaints. Investigators are looking into reports of old graves being dug up so new ones could be stacked on, and then reburied.

Maritza Ruiz is concerned that her loved one was used as a part of this alleged scheme. Two years ago she requested Park Cemetery to bury her son next to her late husband.

“When I buried my son they said there was no room on this side and all of a sudden the lady told me they had room. I paid an extra $400 to get my son here,” said Ruiz.

Police said the situation at the cemetery is saddening, but likely not criminal. At the moment the chief says they do not have enough evidence that proves there is criminal intent.

“This is not right I mean you buy a plot so you can have someone be buried they have to respect it. This is not showing respect,” says Christiansen.

FOX61 reached out to management at the cemetery but we have yet to hear back.

Police said the state will have the final say if they will bring forth charges.

FOX61 has learned that a Florida resident has filed a civil suit against Park Cemetery management, and more suits could possibly follow.

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