Norwalk man gets 7 years for violent Thanksgiving drug burglary

STAMFORD — A Connecticut man involved in a violent drug burglary last Thanksgiving that left a victim with multiple slash wounds faces seven years in prison.

The Advocate reports that 23-year-old Luke Sweeney, of Norwalk, pleaded guilty to first-degree burglary and first-degree assault. As part of a plea agreement, a home invasion charge was dismissed.

Prosecutors say Sweeney and two other men tried to steal drugs from Branden Ventrella’s home Thanksgiving morning. Authorities say Sweeney stabbed Ventrella and slashed him nine times.

Police say they found 700 Xanax pills, marijuana and $9,000 in cash at Ventrella’s home.

Charges against the co-defendants and Ventrella are pending.

Sentencing is scheduled for December.