Everything you need to know about the Travelers Championship

VOTE: Whose side are you on: Yankees or Red Sox?

Arguably the fiercest rivalry in sports renews in the postseason for the first time in 14 years.

In 2004, The Red Sox trailed the Yankees three games to none in the American League Championship Series, before winning the final four games to earn a spot in the World Series.

FOX61 hit the streets to ask who's gonna win this series.

"The Yankees," exclaimed Ian Pettigrew of New Haven. "This team is built to win it. We added Giancarlo Stanton last year‘s league MVP to this team. It’s unbelievable!"

John Corciovei, of New Haven, believes in the Red Sox, saying "They're just a better team. The Yankees got the pitching, but Boston’s got the hitting."

The real reason why he says Boston - he's a Mets fan!

In Meriden, Austin Hunter said Yankees all the way.

"Because they have much more vibrant history between them and I just like them a lot more than the Red Sox," Hunter said.

His wife, Ashley Hunter, agreed "because my father is from New York so I just rep it."

Sitting at their picnic table: a friend with a Red Sox iPhone app.

"It’s Sox," said Dave DeMerchant of Meriden. "Its got to be. I’d say five (games). It’s gonna be tough series."

Chris Ivers, who was in the middle of an exercise routine, delivered the most surprising reasoning why she thinks Boston will win.

"I actually was born in the Bronx, but, I didn’t like Steinbrenner," she said of the late Yankees owner. "So, that’s where it all changed over."

And the fact that she has a daughter living outside Boston.

The Red Sox won the regular season series between the two teams, 10 wins to 9.

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