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Cloudy, warmer Tuesday with temps in the low 70s

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After a flip to fall on Monday, Aug-tober weather resumes Tuesday and Wednesday. We're also watching Hurricane Michael which will bring us some rain Thursday and perhaps Friday AM.

For the Red Sox - Yankees game tonight, it looks like cloudy and cool conditions will stay over Yankee Stadium during Game 3 of the ALDS.

Tuesday will start off damp with areas of fog and mist/drizzle. Clouds will be stubborn for a majority of the day but we should see some brightening or clearing in the afternoon. Temperatures will respond nicely, rising into the mid to upper 70s by the end of the day. It will also feel humid out there to go along with our Aug-tober theme!

Summertime warmth continues on Wednesday. Early fog will quickly break for sunshine this time. Temperatures will approach 80 degrees AT LEAST and with enough sunshine, a few towns could get into the low/mid 80s!

We're keeping an eye on the tropics, because it may have some impact to our forecast. Hurricane Michael is moving into the Gulf of Mexico.  The storm is expected to rapidly strengthen into a major hurricane before making landfall Wednesday night on the panhandle of Florida.

After landfall, the National Hurricane Center track takes the storm through Georgia and the Carolinas, dropping flooding rainfall in its path.

After the Carolinas, the remnants of this storm could interact with an approaching cold front and send us rain by Thursday. The question is...how  much? Is it a few showers OR a soaking rain enough to cause issues? At this point we're not expecting major issues but it's a close call.  One thing is for certain. We are NOT expecting a WIND impact out of this storm.

For now we have a dry forecast on Friday. But if the storm tracks a little closer, rain could linger into Friday morning.

By the weekend, fall weather fills back in and the sun comes back out.


TONIGHT: Areas of mist and drizzle. Lows near 58-62.

TUESDAY: Clouds and fog slowly break for some sun. Warmer and humid. High: Mid-upper 70s.

WEDNESDAY: Early AM fog then partly cloudy, warm.  High: Around 80.

THURSDAY: Showers/areas of rain. High: 70s.

FRIDAY: clearing, cooler. High: 60s.

SATURDAY: Sunny, cool, crisp, classic fall beauty. High: 50s.

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