EXCLUSIVE: Father of Bristol accident victim calls for change

BRISTOL -- On October 1st,  a mother was killed crossing Route 6 in Bristol.

That woman is 48-year-old Marlene Shepard.

On the first day of October at around 8 p.m., 48-year-old Marlene Shepard was struck dead by a car as she was crossing  Route 6 in Bristol. While the driver stopped and was unharmed, Shepard died, leaving behind three sons, and her father Peter Varhol in anguish.

Varhol said his daughter lived about two houses down from the intersection of Farmington and Jerome Avenue and would constantly raise concerns about how unsafe she felt crossing the busy intersection.

"She had submitted many letters to the city to the town," Varhol said.

Varhol raised concerns about the button pedestrians can hit for the light to turn green so that they can cross Route 6. He is asking for there to be a flashing sign for when pedestrians cross.

"We will name this crosswalk after her.  this will become "Marlene’s Way" and we’re gonna remember Marlene for a long time," Varhol said.

FOX61 reached out to the city of Bristol and the police department and are waiting to hear back.

A petition has been made to make Route 6 at Jerome Avenue safer.