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Rescue crews respond to a boating incident in Milford

STRATFORD -- In a distress call Monday morning, a man told a Stratford 911 dispatcher his boat was taking on water at the mouth of the Housatonic River.

Just after 9 a.m., the boat had crashed into the break wall.

"Us, the Milford Fire Department and the United States Coast Guard responded out with marine assets from the Birdseye boat ramp," said Assistant Chief Michael Camperlengo of the Stratford Fire Department.

Marco Setti, of Bridgeport, is an extremely thankful boater.

"The motor stopped working and the waves just tossed us into the rocks," said Setti, who was fishing with a friend for porgies near the mouth of the Housatonic,

"It’s a great spot to fish," said Setti, whose clothes were soaked.

They had plenty of fuel, but, "right at the moment that we tried to anchor the motor decided to stop and it didn’t turn over anymore," he said.

With the river water rough, making anchoring seemingly impossible, the waves pushed the boat into the rocks within a couple of minutes.

"My friend and I decided let’s go on to the rocks and we were safe and just watch the boat being hammered into the wall," said Setti., who video taped their experience.

The constant pounding the boat took caused it to take on water.

Setti has had the boat for three years and never had any trouble.

He said he felt safe because he and his friend were wearing life jackets.

"Do not ever try to go in the water without it," said Setti, who noted that he’s going to be saving for his next boat, which he thinks will take him about a year to get back on the water."

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