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New QU Poll shows Lamont with lead; Stefanowski within striking distance

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HARTFORD -- The race for governor just got a little more interesting with the release of a new poll that shows Republican Bob Stefanowski within striking distance of Democrat Ned Lamont.

This is Quinnipiac University’s second Connecticut gubernatorial poll of this election season and their first survey of "likely" voters.

Lamont holds an eight point lead over Republican Bob Stefanowski, 47 to 39 percent.

"Who cares. I don’t spend much time on that," said Lamont in response to the poll's findings.

Independent Oz Griebel broke through to double digits.

"It confirms what we’ve always believed, which is that momentum would build steadily after I was on a debate," said Griebel.

The poll surveyed likely voters.

Stefanowski’s big hurdle — women.

They polled a lopsided 53 to 31 percent for Lamont. Men tilt to Stefanowski 46-41 percent. FOX61 reached out to Stefanowski but did not hear back.

FOX61 did catch up with Stefanowski's running mate, Senator Joe Markley.

"The issues we are running on are issues that I think are important to everyone in the state of Connecticut. Doesn’t matter race, gender, ethnicity, religion or anything. We’ve got to get the state economy going again," said Markley.

And speaking of the economy, the poll found that was the most important issue to voters, followed by taxes, government spending and education.

"Those voters who say that the economy is the most important issue are voting for Lamont by 16 points while those who say taxes go to Stefanowski by 28 percent," explained Doug Schwartz, the Director of the Quinnipiac Connecticut Poll.

With 27 days left, the race may hinge on undecided voters.

21 percent said their mind hasn’t been made up.

"As people begin to pay attention with 30 days to go, they are going to know what the choice is," said Lamont.

"I’m trying to get the message out as I know it and that is we’ve got to go in a new direction in Connecticut and we can’t have 4 more years of Dan Malloy’s policies," said Markley.

"I'm even more convinced is that the state is ready and eager and hungry for a true candid, collaborative approach to governing," said Oz Griebel said.

The polls show that unpopularity of both President Trump and Governor Malloy might be doing damage to their party’s candidate, with the President having a slightly more negative effect.

The candidates all told us the only poll that really matters is Election Day, November 6th.

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