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Hartford Healthcare and TUFTS join forces on first of its kind CT partnership

HARTFORD -- A new healthcare partnership aims to buck the status quo.

Hartford Healthcare and TUFTS have joined forces. Hartford Healthcare, a large provider network and TUFTS, a large payer network are teaming up to offer popular Medicare Advantage Plans to seniors without the red tape.

The new company is called CarePartners of Connecticut. Enrollment started Monday and will continue through December 7th. Coverage would start January 1.

Premiums will start at zero and range to $89 a month. Co-pays go away for some routine visits. Their goal is to streamline the healthcare process and make it less stressful for you. More than 3,000 doctors are in their network.

“We need partners,” said James Cardon, MD of Integrated CarePartners. “Those partners who are willing to put in the work to try and get this. Providers, payers, and patients as this moves forward and the more everyone is pulling in the same direction and were all trying to fill our need, that’s how well finally have a sustainable way to keep cost of care under control.”

The company said they’ll provide wellness programs, create an online health portal, and incentivize doctors to spend more time with you.

This comes at a time when the healthcare landscape is undergoing big changes with the recent announced acquisition of Aetna by CVS and with Amazon about to ramp up their focus on online pharmaceuticals.

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