Man arrested for allegedly beheading ex-girlfriend’s kitten & killing other kittens in Waterbury

WATERBURY — Police said they arrested a Waterbury man for allegedly beheading four of his ex-girlfriend’s kittens last month.

Waterbury Police Department said Kahlil Ivey, 21, of Waterbury was charged with assault, burglary and multiple counts of animal cruelty.

Police said Ivey allegedly broke into his ex-girlfriend’s house in September and slaughtered her four kittens. The ex-girlfriend told police she dated Ivey for around nine months, but broke up with him following increased aggressiveness and violent outbursts.

Police said they responded to the woman’s house twice that day.

A repair crew working on a window Ivey smashed in an earlier incident, called police to the scene after he allegedly slammed his ex-girlfriend against the wall.

Although Ivey fled before officers arrived, he came back soon after they left. The ex-girlfriend managed to escape the home and contacted police in a nearby area.

When investigators arrived a second time, they made a gruesome discovery of four dead kittens. One of them was decapitated at the neck.

Ivey is scheduled to appear in Waterbury Superior Court next month.