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WorkinCT #CTConfident: Newtown Communications Company celebrates 35 years with women at the helm

If you drive on Route 25 in Newtown, you may have passed it. LMT Communications sits in a barn-style building right off the roadway. Inside, production on a magazine is taking place.

“We as a company publish a single trade magazine, Business to Business. It’s a magazine for dental laboratory owners and managers and it’s a business management marketing strategies magazine,” said Judy Fishman, CEO and Publisher at LMT Communications.

Judy Fishman started the business 35 years ago, taking a risk and taking out a second mortgage on her house to create this magazine.

“It was an absolute confidence and conviction that I knew what I needed to do to make this work,” said Fishman.

She says people in the industry had looked at her as a young woman who didn’t know what she was doing, but she persevered.

“I always stayed away from thinking of myself as a woman in business. I always wanted to be a person in business. I think that I didn’t like separating myself in the business world and saying I’m a strong woman who is successful, I wanted to be a strong person who is successful regardless of what gender I am,” said Fishman.

The magazine ships free to all dental laboratories in the United States and hosts three trade shows a year. But it’s more than the work that LMT Communications does, it’s the work environment Fishman provides. For example, Fishman provides standing desks for those who want them and employees get to take their dogs to work.

“We have a lot of creature comforts like our dogs, and a beautiful office and flexibility, we’re treated like adults, and wonderful summer hours, a lot of perks that make it very comfortable working environment,” said Kelly Carr, Associate Publisher and Editor at LMT Communications.

Carr has been with the company for 34 years, and she says that kind of environment makes all the difference.

“It’s a very creative environment. It’s very democratic. All of us have the opportunity to bring our ideas to the table, brainstorm, throw down ideas and it makes all of us feel very invested in this company,” said Carr.

“It’s a matter of pride in who we are and what we can accomplish together as a team, and you can only do that if you feel like all the other parts of your life have been taken care of,” said Fishman.

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