Controversial power plant to open in Oxford

A new, yet controversial, power plant is cranking up in Oxford.

This afternoon, Governor Malloy is expected to be among those at a ceremony commemorating the commissioning of the CPV Towantic Energy Center.

CPV has been a lightening rod around town since talk of the new plant years ago.

The plant will provide up to 805 megawatts of energy to the region. It will be the second- largest single generator of energy in Connecticut behind Dominion Energy in Waterford.

When it was first announced, the plant came with plenty of controversy and backlash from neighbors. Many expressed concern that it will deter home buyers to the area and also pose health risks.

Those opposing the plant say it will also end up costing taxpayers when all is said and done.

The building of the plant created several hundred jobs and there will be dozens more permanent positions is moving forward.

The ceremony is set to take place at 1 p.m. today.