Daytrippers: Fall foliage cruise along the CT River

HADDAM – It is a cruise in search of colors, and this time of year in Haddam, that’s easy.

Adjacent from the Goodspeed Opera House, The Riverquest, a 65-foot leisure boat, takes visitors up and down a stretch of the Connecticut River with a focus on fall foliage.

Mark Yuknat, affectionately known around the river as “Captain Mark”, has been offering tours aboard the Riverquest for the past 18 years.

“Everyday is different,” Captain Mark said, “this is a beautiful spot.”

The boat usually rides from the Haddam Swing Bridge up to Deep River and back – a 90 minute trip to take in the sights.

Cathy Malin, who works aboard the Riverquest said, “we have people from all over the country come to see this.”

Jack Tennant, visiting from Grafton, Massachusetts, said “there’s no place like the Connecticut River.”

The boat passes by such landmarks as Deep River Harbor and Gillette Castle and photo ops are plentiful.

“It’s right in your backyard,” Captain Mark added, “we’d love to have you on the boat.”

To find out pricing and schedules on the Riverquest, click here.