Milford Boys and Girls staffer accused of sexual misconduct

MILFORD -- Milford police received a complaint from a teenage girl and her mother on Monday that a worker at the Milford Boys and Girls village exposed himself to at least two 14-year-old girls.

“At this stage of the investigation looks like there is some inappropriate touching and actually some indecent exposure those are the charges we’re looking at," said officer Mike Devito of the Milford Police department.

Dr. Steven Kant, CEO and president of the Boys and Girls Village released a statement Wednesday saying"

Boys & Girls Village immediately suspended the staff member, notified the CT Department of Children and Families and began working with Milford City police to support their investigation of these charges.

As soon as the complaint came in, officers took steps to ensure the safety of the other clients.

“Tuesday morning we went right out to the Boy’s village on Wither’s Farm. We met with school officials before school started so that the suspect was not allowed, he has not been on campus since we received this complaint," said officer Devito.

Devito said charges will soon be filed and an arrest will happen at some point this week.

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