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Extra help on its way from CT to Florida to assist in hurricane cleanup

HARTFORD --  As residents in the battered panhandle of Florida continue to pick up the pieces left by Hurricane Michael, more help is on the way from Connecticut.

In Hartford, Sal Cretella, the new emergency services director of the Salvation Army of Connecticut and Rhode Island, is gearing up to head to disaster struck Panama City, Florida to lend support.

“The main thing we do is help with feeding,” Cretella said from the Salvation Army offices on Asylum Avenue. “We also talk to people and try to help them through because these are trying times for them.”

The Salvation Army will have four Connecticut based staffers at various sites where Hurricane Michael hit the hardest, additionally the Red Cross of Connecticut also has numerous workers helping with relief efforts.

“I'll be there to do my job,” Cretella added. “I think everyday we are making an impact on thousands of people.”

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