50 people sworn in as US citizens in naturalization ceremony in Middletown

MIDDLETOWN --  Friday, the National Anthem meant so much more for Carlos Daza, that’s because he became a US citizen.

“It’s kind of surreal,” said PFC Carlos Daza.

The 25-year-old Bolivia native came to the states when he was three.

“Growing up I didn’t notice the division of being legal and not legal. So I grew up thinking I was American and that changed after high school,” said PFC Daza.

Daza came to the states with two missions; one is joining the army and two is becoming a US citizen.

On Friday, his second wish came true. Him and 50 others in Connecticut also had that dream come true.

Ahmut Peka, from Albania, was also celebrating becoming a citizen.

He said the naturalization process has taken him more than 5 years, but now that he’s a citizen his focus will be providing for this growing family.