First responders on scene of industrial accident in Hartford

An ambulance with police escort leaves the scene of an industrial accident on Murphy Road in Hartford, Oct. 20, 2018 (Mike Howard/FOX61)

HARTFORD – Multiple police and fire units are on the scene of a reported industrial accident in Hartford.

First responders were called to a recycling center at 143 Murphy Road, near Brainard Airport, about 10:30 Saturday morning., to extricate 2 people from equipment inside the facility. Trucks trying to enter the facility were being turned away.

When firefighters arrived, one of the employees was already free from the industrial equipment while the other was pinned from the waist down.

The fire department said their personnel “engaged in a very complex and difficult technical rescue to safely extricate the employee which took approximately 45 mins. The employee was stabilized and transported to Hartford Hospital.”

OSHA has been called to investigate the accident.