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HARTFORD -- No soda, no sweets, and no cigarettes. Are you willing to challenge yourself to be healthier through the last 61 days of the year? If so, click here! Over a thousand people already have.

FOX61 has teamed up with Trinity Health Of New England to present the New England 61 Day Challenge, a community health initiative designed to keep us on track to better health throughout the most challenging two months of the years to stay healthy.

The challenge is simple - starting on November 1, the day after Halloween, do your best to cut out all sweets, sodas and cigarettes for the rest of the year. If that’s too intense of a commitment, then set up a plan to cut down your consumption, instead of quitting altogether. Make this challenge your own - just be sure to challenge yourself!

It’s a span of 61 days that contains holidays, feasts, and special eating occasions that make it easy to lose track of your weight, and that’s not counting the added stress of the holidays that often lead people to eat and smoke more.

“We realize it’s the most difficult time to create a challenge, but if you think about it, it’s the perfect time,” said Dr. Reggie Eadie, the new CEO of Trinity Health Of New England, “Americans gain, on average, three to five pounds from Halloween to the 31st.”

If you can make it 61 days, it could be the start of a life-long change for the better, especially if you can cut out smoking for that long.

“Sixty-one days was chosen for a reason,” said Dr. Seth Clohosey, an Internal Medicine Physician with Trinity Health of New England, “That’s an opportunity to develop a pattern, usually about how long it takes to make a meaningful change in your life.”

Both FOX61 and Trinity Health Of New England will help you along. Trinity Health will email or text message you daily tips and motivation if you want, and FOX61’s Tim Lammers will have weekly stories on how to cut those sweets, sodas and cigarettes out. Many FOX61 and Trinity Health Of New England employees will be taking the pledge right along with you as well!

Join us in saying “yes” to a healthier life! Sign up for the New England 61 Day Challenge here.

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