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Lamont talks Pittsburgh tragedy before shifting to gun control; criticizing Stefanowski

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HARTFORD -- Candidate for Governor Ned Lamont put gun laws center stage during a news conference on the steps of the Capitol. Lamont’s news conference started off talking about the tragedy of the Synagogue shooting in Pittsburg, but it was ultimately a jumping off point to talk about gun policies in general.

Lamont was surrounded by advocates, faith leaders and Senators Murphy and Blumenthal. They referenced the tragedy at a Pittsburgh synagogue before shifting the focus to gun laws, criticizing Bob Stefanowski. “A governor who is going to put AR-15s back on the streets of this state,” said Sen. Chris Murphy.

Fox 61 met up with Stefanowski as he boarded his new campaign van in Southington. It was day 3 of his Rebuild Connecticut Road tour. He didn’t offer many specifics about his position on guns. “I am for focusing on mental health. Keeping our kids safe and making sure that we keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them,” said Bob Stefanowski.

Back at the Capitol Lt. Governor Candidate Susan Bysiewicz laid out a Lamont administration gun agenda. “Much more work to do. We have to ban ghost guns including 3-D printer guns,” said Bysiewicz.

Lamont has come under recent fire for an ad he’s running that mentions Sandy Hook and interviews the daughter of Principal Dawn Hochsprung. The brother of a Sandy Hook victim saying the tragedy shouldn’t be politicized.

Lamont defended it. “I am proud that that is up there,” said Lamont. “I am proud that we are talking about the real difference between Bob Stefanowski and myself.” Stefanowski told Fox 61 it was an ad that bright his daughter to tears. “She called me crying from college and said, why would anyone say something like this to win a political election. It’s a tragedy. We need to prevent things like that from happening again, but for him to try and use that for an election, he should be embarrassed of himself.”

Lamont criticizes Stefanowski A rating from the NRA while Stefanowski said Lamont is talking about guns to take the focus off of what he called Lamont, “failed economic policies.” The back and forth will likely continue Tuesday on the debate stage. The final debate before Election Day.

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