FOX61 Family First: Child related stress

HARTFORD -- No one said parenting wasn't stressful, right?

A new study suggests that those with three children may be the most stressed parents. Yes, that is including parents of four or five children!

Norwalk based 'Insight Express' surveyed more than 7,000 mothers in the U.S., and the researchers found that mothers of three are more stressed than mothers of one or two because of the obvious: there's more children to take care of.

But, according to the studying, three children is where the stress caps off.

Researches say mothers start to relax after the fourth child. They don't strive for perfection anymore when they get to four or more children, so, they are less stressed!

So, the more children you have, the more confident you maybe, and more relaxed you become in your parenting abilities. With more children, you learn to just eventually let go, and just be thankful they are healthy.