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Gubernatorial candidates sprint towards the finish line as Election Day nears

CONNECTICUT -- Election Day is on Tuesday. Candidates have been out around the state encouraging people to vote.

It's the final sprint towards the finish line, as candidates met with people across the state and at speaking events to get the word out about why you should vote Tuesday, and vote for them.

Democratic candidate Ned Lamont who is running for governor of Connecticut spoke in Bloomfield Sunday night at The First Cathedral.

"I love this crowd, you know they believe, they're optimistic, you see all those negative TV ads, that are sort of changing and tearing down Connecticut, these people believe in Connecticut, they know we can turn it around, they know it's a great place of opportunity, they want their kids to be here, and their grand kids, that's what I'm fighting for everyday," said Lamont.

Republican Bob Stefanowski is also running for governor. He spoke to a crowd in Wallingford on Main Street.

"I've probably had in the last week had twenty-five to thirty democrats come up to me and say I've never voted republican in my entire life, but I'm doing it this time because Ned Lamont is more of the same, and Bob you and your ticket represent change, we're tired of it, we want change and we know you're going to turn this thing around," said Stefanowski.

Independent candidate for governor, Oz Griebel was in West Hartford meeting with people.

"If you want change in this state, you want to take the stat back from the duopoly that's thirty years of no debt job growth and higher taxes, and fees and out-migration under education and transportation vote the bottom line. Take Connecticut back on Tuesday. Vote the bottom line 1H and vote for leadership that's gonna focus on Connecticut residents and tax payers and employers, and not on which party's in charge and which dogma's in charge," said Griebel.

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