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Free tacos & cake: 2018 Election Day deals in Connecticut

HARTFORD — The “I voted” sticker you receive at the polls Tuesday may also serve as your ticket to free food and discounts.

FOX 61 is saving you money with deals from local businesses. There are also promotions to get to the polls (scroll to the bottom for transportation deals).

Tyler Anderson Restaurants – Hartford, Simsbury, West Hartford: Wear an “I voted” sticker to any of Tyler Anderson’s Restaurants: PorronandPina in Hartford, Millwright’s in Simsbury, or The Cook and The Bear in West Hartford and Anderson will buy you a drink. Tell them “put it on Tyler’s tab.”

The Cook and The Bear – West Hartford: Free taco with your “I voted” sticker

Chabaso & Atticus Bookstore Cafe – New Haven: Chabaso will be continuing its annual Election Day bread giveaway 9:00 a.m. to noon.

The Half Door – Hartford: 10% off your bill with your “I voted” sticker

Chicago Sam’s – Cromwell: 10% off with your “I voted” sticker

Bistro on Main – Manchester: 10% off with your “I voted” sticker

Popover Bistro & Bakery – Simsbury: Free popover with your “I voted” sticker

Cavey’s Restaurant – Manchester: Free election cake with your “I voted” sticker

“Since 1771, Election Day Cake has been a celebrated staple during the ever important Connecticut holiday, Election Day,” according to Cavey’s. “This fruit-filled, yeast-risen cake has been a favorite since Colonial America.”

Taprock – Unionville: 25% off food tab with your “I voted” sticker

Transportation Deals

Uber – Use code VOTE 2018 for $10 off your ride to the polls, restrictions apply.

Lyft — 50% off your ride to the polls

Limebike Hartford — Free bike rides up to 30 minutes, use code LIME2VOTE18

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