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Poor parkers earn Insta-shame in state

"Parking in Connecticut sucks, parking really sucks in this state," said Matt Dunaj, from East Haven.

Dunaj, along with many other people in the state are fed up with people who park poorly.

"I have taken pictures of people parking diagonally, in handicap spots, in front of store fronts and fire lanes," said Erik Lagarto, from New Fairfield.

Pat Puglia created the Instagram account called, CT Park Shame, where people from around the state send him pictures of people parked badly, and he posts them on his page, putting them in the social media spotlight.

"It grinds my gears, bad parking definitely grinds my gears, that’s how the whole thing started," said Puglia.

Puglia said he's hoping by exposing these drivers on his page, he can help people become more aware of how badly they parked.

"A lot of lazy, entitled people in Connecticut that want to leave their car wherever they want, and are not concerned with what anyone else thinks," Puglia said.

Armindo Gomes, the CEO of the Hartford Parking Authority, said he has about 12 people assigned to make sure drivers are parking properly in Hartford each day.

"We have limited staff, so the likelihood that we’re gonna catch everybody is very low," Gomes said, but if they do catch you, it will cost you.

"If you don’t pay your citation on time, penalties do accrue," Gomes said.

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