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Governor-elect Ned Lamont announces transition team

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HARTFORD — Connecticut has a new governor-elect and his name is Ned Lamont.

A familiar face who said he’ll bring a fresh start.

The third time was the charm for Governor-elect Ned Lamont. He ran and lost twice for public office but sealed the deal in 2018. He told me he’s humbled, and ready to lead.

The night turned to morning and weary supporters were told to get some rest.

“When the votes are counted we are confident Ned Lamont will be the next governor of the state of Connecticut,” declared Lamont Campaign Manager Marc Bradley.

Stefanowski won the night.

The suburbs and rural areas came in first -- Republican territory. But Lamont won the race. The urban population centers which are Democratic strongholds, surged him to victory. It was a race not devoid of controversy. You've heard of dimpled and hanging chads, but this time it was wet ballots and a court injunction.

“There are probably about 100 ballots of people who didn’t make it completely through the processing system before 8 o’clock,” said Secretary of State Denise Merrill.

But daybreak dawned a new "Governor-Elect Ned Lamont" sign at the podium, and a new era in Connecticut politics.

“Ned! Ned! Ned!" chanted supporters.

Lamont told supporters he’s taking one day to rest on his laurels.

“This afternoon I may head back, may put my feet up, I may take a short walk, I may have a glass of wine before getting to work. Tomorrow is a fresh start for the state of Connecticut. I'm getting going bright and early, I need you getting going bright and early. I need you standing up. I need us working together. Are you with me?” he yelled to the crowd.

He thanked his campaign staff, kids and wife Ann who went one-on-one with FOX61.

“We know that in order to get this economy going you need to be friendly to small business and job creation and bringing talent to Connecticut,” said Ann Lamont.

Lamont is now tasked with uniting a heavily divided state electorate.

“Reaching out to the folks who supported Bob and the Oz supporters. I've gotta bring people together.”

He told FOX61 he'll be keeping his promises.

“We're not gonna raise the income tax. We're going to slowly reduce the property tax over a period of time, I'm going to do everything I can to put that electronic toll just on the tractor-trailer trucks and nothing else going forward and we are going to get an honestly balanced budget that invest in the future. I'm changing my message just because it's the day after an election.”

Lamont said he'll announce his transition team by the end of the week. He also said he'll grab a beet with Bob Stefanowski and lunch with Governor Malloy.

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