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Some familiar names headline Governor-Elect Lamont’s transition team

HARTFORD — Some familiar names will lead the incoming Lamont Administration into its transition phase.

Governor-Elect Ned Lamont announced his leadership team for at least the next 75 days until he’s sworn in. He talked a lot about trust and a lot about unity.

Ned Lamont arrived at the Capitol for the first time with the title ‘Governor Elect,’ “I’m really proud to announce today the leadership of our transition team,” said Lamont from the Capitol steps.

Some are familiar names like State Rep. Toni Walker and Attorney General George Jepsen. Then there’s Eastern Connecticut State University President Elsa Nunez and non-profit President Garrett Moran. They’ll serve as co-chairs. They be directed by Ryan Drajewicz who worked for Senator Chris Dodd and now at a financial firm.

Governor-Elect Lamont said, “We’ve also had a chance to reach out to legislative leaders on both sides of the aisle and say this is a new relationship and a fresh start. We’re going to be getting together very soon to set an agenda and priorities.” “We are looking forward to working in a very bipartisan way because we know that the challenges that confront our state are great and we are taking all good ideas and solutions,” remarked Lieutenant Governor-Elect Susan Bysiewicz.

Governor Elect Lamont will need to unify a divided electorate, but will have the luxury of Democratic majorities in both the house and senate. Deputy House Republican Minority Leader Vincent Candelora said, “I think we’ve already established that working relationship with the Democrats over the last two years having crafted a bipartisan budget,” he said. He said voters may have been trying to send a midterm message. “We’re not going to vote for Republicans because of Trump. We need to send a message to Washington. Unfortunately that message doesn’t go to Washington it goes to Hartford,” said State Rep. Candelora.

Prior to announcing the transition team Governor Elect Lamont had lunch with Governor Malloy at the Executive Residence. “I had salad with a little chicken on it it was really quite tasty,” said Governor-Elect Lamont. “The Governors mansion  is pretty nice by the way.”

As for the breakdown of the legislature the senate was an 18-18 split, now it’ll be 24-12 Democratic. House Democrats hold a 92-59 majority barring changes to a few still contested races.

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