What’s on your Spring #CTBucketList?

At UConn, a cutting edge extracurricular

STORRS – Just off the UConn quad, staying sharp is not just expected, it’s a prerequisite.

The buzz around campus can be heard from the whirr of chainsaws courtesy of the UConn Woodsmen, the school’s Timber Team. “A lot of people see it and have no idea what it is,” said RJ Kaoud, a UConn junior on the Woodsmen.

“It’s almost a tribute to the early days and we’re putting a twist on it by making it a competition, a sport,” he added.

The 20 student team has both lumberjacks and lumberjills who travel the region competing against other colleges in what is a sanctioned club sport.

Darcy Rose, a former team member who became coach after graduating said, “no one has done this before so you have to start at square one and teach the basics.” From log rolling to sawing to axe throwing, the Woodsmen get a workout with each event they compete in.

“You are working everything,” said Eve Cullerton a sophomore on the Woodsmen. She added, “your whole body, your arms and legs are involved.” Readying for a round of axe throwing, Kaoud said, “this is very unique, which is one of the greatest draws about it.”

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