FOX61 EXCLUSIVE: In-depth look of New Haven 911 dispatch center

HARTFORD --  When most people think about 911 incidents and first responders, they think about police, firefighters and EMTs.

But in New Haven, there are unsung heroes behind the scenes keeping everyone safe.

On September 23, 2017, it was a quiet, normal day for the 911 dispatchers in the Elm City. But then, with a barrage of 911 calls, a domestic violence shooting would put call the dispatchers to duty.

New Haven Public Safety dispatchers got this 911 call:

“Oh my God, it’s two people, husband and wife, they were fighting and screaming, and she was trying to close the door and he pulled out a gun on her and he’s still shooting. There is somebody shooting, it’s a shotgun, I don’t know if the man is killing the woman or not, you all need to get over here.”

The dispatcher Nikya Owen’s first job, was to make sure the ambulance and cops were on their way.

FOX61's Chief Investigator Brian Foley shares the exclusive story.