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Sikorsky’s Firehawk lending relief to California fire victims

STRATFORD -- As fires across California continue to rage, Stratford based Sikorsky is playing a role in helping to extinguish the deadly flames.

The team at Sikorsky headquarters is keeping a close watch on the firefighting efforts out west because their Firehawk Helicopter is being used by the Los Angeles County Fire Department.

The advanced firefighting helicopter is a modified version of the Blackhawk, according to Jeanette Eaton, regional Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sikorsky.

“Our helicopter is actually out in California and it’s making a significant difference in these fires.”

The Los Angeles County Fire Department is currently operating three Firehawks to attack the flames from above.

“It’s so devastating, your entire life can be wiped out before you,” Eaton added, “It’s a humanitarian role and we’re saving lives.”

Eaton also said that other fire departments have ordered Firehawks for their fleet including the California Fire Service and San Diego’s Fire Department.

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